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Our Story


Pridgen Woodwork Inc. founded in 1947 in Whiteville, North Carolina, means quality. From the simple furniture founder Ernest Pridgen constructed as a young boy to the 59,000 sq. foot building it occupies today, Pridgen Woodwork Inc. maintains the quality craftsmanship and dependability that built its reputation.


Ernest developed a love for wood that has been handed down to the Pridgen family and Pridgen Woodwork Inc. After 55 years, Ernest retired leaving rich traditional values to his sons, who all inherited their father’s pride and patience to produce quality wood products. Six of the sons now own the business. Each are hands on and responsible for different departments within the business.


All of the craftsman at Pridgen Woodwork take pride in every product they produce and stand tall to their motto, “If it’s made of wood we can make it.” 

We have a work force of forty five employees and thirty installers. Currently working all over the entire United States.


We produce commercial plastic laminate casework cabinets, wood veneer matched wall paneling, doors, and cabinetry in corporate office buildings, Dialysis clinics, Banks, Investment companies, Hotels, High end residential, airports and athletic facilities along with custom moldings, windows, and doors. We use environmentally friendly products with no formaldehyde, low VOC and Forestry Stewardship Council, approved products that are renewable and LEED compliant wood products and finishes.

Pridgen Woodwork is a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute and Small Business Association of North Carolina.

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